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Glossary of Terms

A project's total eligible expenditures - For the exact definition, see the Implementation Document, Chapter 5 - Eligible Expenditures.

Air pollution - The concentration of harmful substances in individual areas of the environment, e.g. in the air; measured at the contamination source.

BAT (the best available technology) - The best available technical equipment and technology.

Biodiversity - Biological diversity, versatility.

Cogeneration facilities - Facilities for the concurrent production of electricity and heat.

Emissions - The discharging of harmful substances into the air; measured at the contamination source, e.g. a smoke-stack.

Eutrophication - The process of water enrichment by nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus.

Implementation Document - A binding document providing information on support from the OP E. The document is available.

NATURA 2000 - A system of protected areas, created by EU member countries.

Photovoltaic systems - Systems that produce electricity from solar energy.

Population Equivalent (PE) - Defined by the daily production of material pollution of 60 g BOC5 (biochemical oxygen consumption).

REACH - New system of chemical control; the system shall ensure that only chemical substances with known properties are used by 2020, and that they are used in a manner which does not cause harm to the environment or to human health.

Specially protected areas - For the purposes of the OP E, such areas mean national parks and protected landscape areas, including their protective zones, localities within the NATURA 2000 network, protective zones of water sources, protective zones of natural healing sources and sources of natural mineral water, protected areas of water basins, and the Nové Mlýny basin waterworks (the portion of the Dyje River basin above the Nové Mlýny waterworks, the Svratka River basin, the Jihlava River basin, the Oslava River basin, the Jevišovka River basin and the immediate area around Nové Mlýny).


Evropská unie

Tento projekt je spolufinancován z prostředků Evropské unie - Fondu soudržnosti a Evropského fondu pro regionální rozvoj.