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Priority Axis 2

Grants from the OPE for Air Quality Improvement

nullDo you want to switch over to environmentally friendly heating or to install a device to capture emissions or dust particles discharged into the air? Resources totalling more than EUR 634 million from the Cohesion Fund are available for such purposes in the Operational Programme Environment (OP E).

The aim of support is to improve or maintain air quality and reduce the emission of main polluting substances into the air, with an emphasis placed on the use of environmentally friendly of energy, generation, including energy savings.  

Who Can Apply for Grants

Municipalities, towns, organisations financed by municipalities and towns, state organisations and entities owned by municipalities, non-profit organisations and business-carrying entities are encouraged to apply for grants. For an exact listing of subjects the conditions for submitting grant applications, and more detailed information, refer to the Implementation Document.

When to Apply for Grants

Your grant application can be submitted only during calls announced for a specific area of support. A call for Priority Axis 2 has been planned for October/November 2008.

A preliminary updated schedule of the calls is available at http://www.opzp2007-2013.cz/ However, the schedule is provided for information only and is subject to changes, The actual application submission dates, as well as partial limitations of areas of intervention, will always be published together with each actual call.

As part of the calls announced to date for this area, we have received 17 applications totalling almost CZK 147 million.

Areas of Intervention

  • 2.1 The improvement of air quality - More than EUR 348 million have been reserved for this area, representing 55% of Priority Axis 2's resources.
  • 2.2 The reduction of emissions - Almost EUR 286 million have been reserved for this area, representing 45% of Priority Axis 2's.

Amount of Support

  • Grants up to 90% of a project's total eligible expenses.
  • A project's minimum amount of eligible expenses has been set at CZK 0.5 million

Supported Project Types

Improving air quality

  • Purchase of a low-emission burning machine, for example, boiler of the best emission class - upon transfer from burning of solid and liquid fossil fuels to earth gas burning.
  • Newly built distributions of heat including the central source.
  • Expansion of the existing medium-pressure network with concurrent ensuring of transfer in individual sources to burning of gaseous fuels.
  • Construction of a new central source of heat including newly built distributions of heat, and expansion of the existing distributions in order to connect new customers and replace burning sources in existing buildings.

Reducing air particulates

  • Planting and regeneration of isolating green covers to separate residential built-up areas from industrial buildings or commercial premises or busy traffic corridors.

Reducing emissions

  • Reconstruction of other than burning sources for reduction or installation of additional equipment to capture emissions of nitrogen oxides or solid contaminating substances.
  • Reconstruction of other than burning sources for reduction or installation of additional equipment to capture emissions of nitrogen oxides or dust particles discharged in the air.
  • Measures leading to reduction of emissions of ammonia and volatile organic substances in the air.

How to Proceed if You Are Interested in Obtaining a Grant

For detailed information on obtaining grants, see the OPE Implementation Document, the Guide for Applicants, the Guideline of the Ministry of the Environment for submitting applications and providing funds, and in the Binding Instructions for Applicants.
All documents are available at http://www.opzp2007-2013.cz/

Glossary of Terms

A project's total eligible expenditures - For the exact definition, see the Implementation Document, Chapter 5 - Eligible Expenditures.
The Implementation Document - A binding document providing information on support from the OP E. The document is available at http://www.opzp2007-2013.cz/.
Emissions - The discharging of harmful substances into the air; measured at the contamination source, e.g. a smoke-stack.
Air pollution - The concentration of harmful substances in individual areas of the environment, e.g. in the air; measured at the contamination source.



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